About our procedures at MINDEX Center


As a government administration operating under the defence Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We hereby provide you with answers to some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Question

How can one correspond with MINDEX center to enquiry, place order and ask for literatures?

The following information are our correspondence details, where you can enquiry, ask for literature, place order, or simply request for information for your department’s consideration and assumption.

A few words on the competitiveness of the prices.

Due to the geographical position of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and a vast number of mines and raw materials, different God-given substances together with huge capabilities in manpower and skills, materials and know-how, site and dimensions, varieties and exceptional availabilities, our customers can always be sure that main part of all raw-materials are local (not imported to I.R of Iran) therefore local pricing would prevail together with worldwide accepted technology and machinery. Thus low-cost manpower will end-up to a very competitive quality proven price.

Do you certify the quality of your products?

As of the quality assurances and different kind of certifications, and with respect to the immediate requirements of the customer. We should explicitly emphasis that almost all of our ammunitions have a 15 years-guarantee, five years guarantee on armaments connected to workmanship and over ten years of spare part support on all equipments and systems sold to our dear receivers of products and services. To clarify the other normal concerns, we should state the all the products and parts are constantly inspected by competent specialists and highly technologed machines and latest tools. These are done based on the original specifications and performances. Continued field inspections are done alongside of the army officers literally using the equipments and parts. The factories are provided with relative reports for future assumptions and possible alterations in parts and materials.

Where are your target countries?

Some surplus capacity normally presented to countries in Asia, Africa, countries in the Middle East, South America and Central Asia, Islamic States according to the rules of UN

Do you ensure that your products do not get into the lands of others?

As an international marketing and exporting establishment, we are committed to international UK resolutions/Agreements and norms of business, therefore exports are made only upon receipt of an End User Certificate (EUC) issued solely by the End-User. In some cases we may require to have the E.U.C authenticated by the Iranian embassy in the country of the destination. The E.U.C should certify that the equipment/Material/Item/Products/Paris & etc… are for the sole use of the specific receiver and shall not be Re-exported or sold to any third party. Countries that are under UN embargo for sale of military goods and products will not have their E.U.C certified and no export will take place.