107 mm Multi Rocket Launcher

The 107 mm multiple launcher is manufactured in two standard and mobile versions. In its standard, the two wheeled trailer can be moved by a vehicle,animals or personnel.

All of these launchers deploy unguided rockets.

The launcher has three banks of four 107 mm barrels and in the trailer type, is mounted on a rubber-tyred split pole type carriage. In the firing position the wheels are normally removed and the launcher is supported by its two trails at the rear which are fitted with spades which are carried on top of the trails when travelling, and two short legs in front of carriage. It can also be fired with the two rubber tyred road wheels still in position on their stub axles.

The unguided rockets are spin stabilised and the full 12 round load can be salvo-fired in 7 to 8 seconds.

Reloading is performed manually by the crew. The optical sight is fitted on the left side of the launcher.

The standard 107mm (12 round) launcher assembly is available with a 50 kg weight, 1.4 x 0.585 x 0.22m base plate for fitting to light 4 x 4 vehicles or 6 x 6 truck chassis. This weapon is used in battle fronts to destroy the enemies’ positions both continuously and in short intervals. It should be pointed out that this weapon has considerable applications efficiencies in short distances and it is capable to cover a vast area under its fire power.

M.o.D Defence Industries produces this weapon in two versions as:

107 mm rocket launcher with standard carriage

Self propelled 107 mm Rocket launcher installable on any kind of jeep.

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