120 mm Mortar Launcher

The 120 MM mortar launcher is a barrel loading type with 360º firing field.

Because of possessing high shooting angle this weapon enables to one fire from behind of obstacles. In regions where roads are impracticable, the mortar can be taken apart and carried by infanty.

Due to its simple structure, it can be erected and operated only by two or three persons.

It is necessary to remind that heating of the barrel is so slow that the rate of firing can not be effected.

Due to its nearly small dimentions, it is possible to dig a trench easily and put the weapon into it, so that the weapon and crew are protected from hurting, specially on defence conditions.


The mortar sight is used for the indirect aiming 120 mm and 81 mm mortars.


The sight consists of three parts:

1- Sighting Telescope

2- Sight mount with exact elevation and azimuth worm pinions

3- Illuminator for night operations

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