122 mm and 155 mm Howitzer


This Howitzer is a semi-heavy artillery gun and is deployed at brigade level of army divisions. It is a breech-loading howitzer without lock, with a vertical wedge breech that is loaded by hand. Shell is extracted after each firing and the howitzer is cocked automatically.

Ammunition is of varied and changeable kinds, and its firing system is of a pulling type. Its recoil mechanism (recoil and recuperator) is independent hydropneumatic, and the equilibrator is pneumatic.

This howitzer is on three trails in firing position. It can fire the shell directly, in a curve way and at high elevation angle.


This Howitzer is a semi-heavy artillery gun with long range. It is used for supporting infantries.It is able to fire 155 mm ammunition. This Cannon is on three trails in firing position. It has a muzzle brake to reduce recoil force.

Its breech is of a screwing shape, mechanical type with a constant slope. Firing lock is of a continuous pulling and impact type. Recoil mechanism is of a changeable and independent hydro-pneumatic type. Equilibrators are of nitrogen gas type, traverse and elevation mechanisms are mechanical and can be operated by rotating a hand wheel.

Its brake system is pneumatic and operates manually. It should be mounted on trucks with over 10 tons weight. Firing control tools and equipment are carried by 2 crews for both direct and indirect firing.

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