155 mm Smoke & Illuminating

155 mm Smoke & Illuminating

155 mm smoke is used to provide screening or marking smoke. It has the same general appearance as the 155 mm high-explosive (HE) M107 and has the same design features. The shell contains White Phosphorus and is normally fitted with a nose mounted Point Detonating (PD) fuze.

On impact, the fuze ignites the internal buster charge, which then ruptures the shell casing to release WP filling. As it contacts the air the WP ignites to product thick clouds of white smoke.


This is a separate-loading ammunition of 155 mm series using a hollow forget steel body with a steel base plug press fitted to the projectile and held in place by shear pins and twist pins.

The shell interior contains a primary expulsion charge, a canister assembly and a drag parachute. The canister assembly contains a secondary expulsion charge, a delay holder, an illumination composition and the main parachute.

155 mm Smoke & Illuminating Specifications
155 mm Smoke & Illuminating
155 mm Smoke & Illuminating
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