23 mm Twin Barrel Anti - Aircraft Machine Gun

23 MM TWIN BARREL anti-aircraft machine gun is a powerful means for shooting at airborne targets to a distance of 2500 m and a height of 1500 m. It is designed as an anti-aircraft defence by airborne landing forces.

The installations constructive characteristic allow it to be used for shooting at ground light-armored target and fire nests to a distance of 2000 m.

Further more the installation can be used for destroying of concentrated living force, in open places or behind light concealments of a field type.

For firing at airborne and ground targets are using cartridges with common icendiary tracer /CIT/ and armour piercing incendiary tracer /APIT/. The feeding of submachine gun is done with metal belts ( containing 50 cart. each).

The installation is transported attached to a truck or jeep. It permits also a marching fire. The undercarriage gives a possibility to transport the installation by the truck on the asphalt road with a speed of 70 km/hr and by a jeep with a speed of 40 km/hr.

The trained mounting personnel can set it from field to firing position for 15-20 sec. and from firing to field position for 35-40 sec. The staff consists of 5 persons; commander, gunner, supplier and two persons for loading (right and left).

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