Advanced First Aid Bag

Applying advanced first aid equipment, utilizing modern technologies that could protect and save life critical and special conditions of battlefields, which requires abilities to deal with conditions prevailing in these facilities.

For this purpose, advanced first aid bag is provided, having necessary tools and facilities to stop bleeding, sterilizing, quick dressing of deferent cuts, cleavage and other wounds.


Block Bleeding powder for blocking vast bleeding

Nano silver sterilizer spray for complete destroying of pathogenic microbes

Super absorption gluey stomach pad, to absorb secretions and dressing stomach wounds

Compressed block bleeding gas, to block and dress the wound

Blocking tampon for nose bleeding

Gluey crystal bandage to protect the wound against microbial factors and air intake in chest wounds

Stitch special paste, gas, vaseline gas, scissors, paste, abs lung, emergency drugs and guidance booklet.

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