ANG - 86 - Aviator Night Vision Goggle

ANG-86 is an aviator’s night vision imaging system that consist of binocular assembly, herein referred to as the binocular, a power (battery) pack , a carrying case, and ancillary equipment including a binocular holder (helmet mount ), consisting of a mounting block ,which allows the binocular to be aligned and adjusted.

The binocular consists of two monoculars and a holder .

Each monocular consists of a body (monocular housing),an objective lens assembly , an image intensifier assembly.

The holder provides each monocular to move sideways (interpupillary distances adjustments ).

The power pack includes two battery compartments, each accepting two 1.5Vdc AA-size batteries in series.

The carrying /storage case provides protection for the binocular, power pack and ancillary equipment against conditions associated with carrying these items in the field environment and also damages associated with transportation , handling and storage. It shall be used for commercial practices.

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