ARC - 1000 UHF Airborne Radio Communication System

ARC-1000 is an advanced UHF ECCM Radio Communication System, which is specially designed to establish secure antijamming communication among air-to-air as well as air-to-ground stations.

This system can be installed on fighters, transporter planes, and helicopters.

This system works in two major operational modes:AM& ECCM, in AM mode system operates as a conventional UHF-AM radio.

In ECCM (Electronic Counter Counter Measure) mode, using a CVSD codec, built - in digital encryption, combination of spread spectrum techniques such as frequency hopping, system provides a secure communication link against jamming & interception.In ADF mode in conjunction with ADF antenna and related indicator, system is for homing purpose.This system uses Advanced Hybrid ECCM techniques (spread spectrum) to provide a high level of security and resistance against electronic warfare.

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