Ballistite is a double base propellant used as a rocket propellant. it is composed of two explosive substances Nitrocellulose and Nitroglycerine, blended together with centralite, wich acts as a stabilizer.

It burns with a considerable amount of flash and smoke, and generates a great volume of gas.

Ballistite burns progressively, but at a rate dependent upon the composition and physical characteristics of the powder grain, the temprature of the powder grain before ignition and the pressure during reaction. it is produced in various shapes to fit the rocket motor hosing.

Due to high burning tempratures this powder cause erosin of rifled barrels and therefor they are very suitable for use from smooth-bore barrels.

Primarily for mortars 60,81 and 120 mm for ignition cartridges and increment charges.

The ballistites are used for artillery ammunition also particularly with short barrels.

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