Battlefield Automatic Telephone

BAT-730 is the latest generation of field telephones. It is a fully automatic system and does not require any switchboard or operator.

Thirty (30) BAT units (subscribers) can be interconnected by a pair of 5km battlefield wires to establish communication with the desired subscribers through direct dialing (7 simultaneous calls).


Communication among subscribers via battlefield wire (only 2 wires)

Conference capability for subscribers (up to 10)

Extension capability up to 30 subscribers with 7 simultaneous calls

Auto tester for line/battery check

Whisper mode capability

Call alarm via LED buzzer

Light weight / small / simple operation

Easy connection / disconnection to battlefield lines

Without any influence on communications

Fast Selective call by direct dialing

Doesn’t need to switch operator

Great reduction in using amount of wires

12 Emergency entrance of commander through calls

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