Boraq Armored Personnel Carrier

The Boraq APC is one of the tracked amphibious types of APCs and well characterized among its other similar armored vehicles at the same level by proper armor protection, higher mobility, and capability of crossing obstacles and uneven roads at high speed as well as accomplishing heavy maneuvers.


Provided with micro alloy steel body 5-19 mm in diameter, and ballistic tolerance of 12.7 mm cartridges.

Incorporating live track with rubber shoes.

Incorporating communication and navigation equipments (VRC-222 radio set, with 40W power and 40 km range).


Differenet types of boraq vehicle family includes: Commander, Ambulance, Engineering, Ammunition, Tow missile launcher, Mortar, Gunner and different naval families.

The support vehicle (Boraq) with high travelling ability can protect effectively the infantry in tactical and fighting operations.

The vehicle is equipped with 12.7 mm machine gun (DUSHKA) with traversing angle of 360O, which can be used directly by a gunner.

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