Double Base Propellant

Double Base Propellant

Double base powder consist of Nitrocellulose (Smokeless) as a base and Nitroglycerin as a plasticizer. Production process for double base powder normally is as solventless process. The advantage of this process is the safe production of the so-called wet paste, which is prepared underwater by mixing waterwet Nitocellulose, Nitroglycerine and other water insoluble ingredients.

The resulting Wet paste is fairst manufactured and dewatered.

Incorporation of water soluble ingredients takes place by Kneading. Subsequently the dough is taken to the rolling oprations, extruded, dried, annealed and further finished.


Ball powder is manufactured in the form of small spheres and it is contaning no visible foreign matter.

Smokeless powder is black ball grains. They are used for loading bullet of rifle and machingun with calibre as fallow: Their bulk density is about 0.9-1.025 gr/cm3.

Ball powder is intended to function by burning, so it must be protected against accidental exposure to flame, sparks or high tempratures.

For these reasons it is desirable that storage enclosures be made of insularing materials to protect the powder from external heat sources.

One ball powder begins to burn it will normally continue to burn and generate gas pressure untill it is consumed.

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