Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) is a mean of observing the signals transmitted by radar systems to obtain information about their capabilities. It is the remote sensing of remote sensors.

Through HINT, it is possible to obtain valuable information while remaining far from the radar itself.

ELINT is most useful in hostile situations.The distinctive advantage of ELINT is that it provides on time information about threatening systems such as radars that guide aircraft or missiles to targets.


ELINT is an advanced passive receiver for the radar signals which can be used in truck; naval and ground based applications. The system uses IFM (instantaneous frequency measurement) receiver, channelized receiver and super heterodyne receiver technology covering a frequency range of 0.4-18 GHZ also Omni directional antennas and directional antennas for covering 3600 azimuths and 600 elevations

The system measures the signal parameters including angle of arrival (AOA), pulse width (P.W), pulse repetition frequency (P.R.F), RF frequency, radar antenna scan rate, pulse amplitude, radar antenna scan type and radar antenna polarization.

This system also may be used as a sensor for Position Finding (PF) network by using 2 or 3 ELINTs.

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