Eovp 4 - Aerial Camera

EOVP 4 is a new electro-optical multi-sensor gyro stabilized payload for aircrafts, helicopters, UAVs and naval vessels providing reconnaissance and surveillance missions over land and over sea.

The EOVP 4 is equipped with infrared and TV cameras also a laser rangefinder (Optional). The system is designed in a modular construction for conversion and adapting system performance to mission parameters.

The system provides azimuth and elevation positioning to the EO sensors allocated inside, in order to provide video in the visible and infrared spectrum, automatic tracking of fixed and mobile targets and also target range measurment.


Day and night surveillance

Modular payload

All weather, long range identification

Automatic target tracking capability

Stabilized two axes - Azimuth and Elevation

Joystick controllable-Optional


Search and rescue

Border and coastal surveillance

Protection of ground troops

Police operations

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