Fadjr - 27 - 76mm Naval Gun

It is a standard marine single-barrel gun, complex, fully automatic (electro hydraulic), controlled from a distance that is suitable for spot objectives and fighting against targets like warships, aircrafts (fighters) and missiles.

It has great reliability and good hit-the-target records. As a main weapon, it can be mounted on small battleships of over 200 tons weight, warships, frigates and destroyers.

This marine gun is controlled by a firing control system from a distance. It can also be controlled by an optical director in emergency.

Its electrical connections and rotation are in harmony with each other and all assemblies except electrical assembly are located inside the gun.

It is loaded by two crews and loading operation from rotary cartridge to the barrel and firing is fully automatic. When it is fully loaded, its rate of fire is 80 rds/min. with no need to reload.

It can be operated even when the sea is turbulent or stormy. Due to high velocity, the shells move in a ballistic-like arc.

The gun can fire 50 shells against target flying at a speed of 300 m/s and 35 shells against target flying at speed of 600m/s.

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