Fadjr 3 & 5 - Boxy Launcher

Fadjr 3 and Fadjr 5 mobile launchers are efficient short range launchers, with high mortality radius and accuracy, plays an effective role in providing heavy fires. Having high maneuverability, low seating and launching time, it can help the launcher to deploy fast and be more effective in surprisal enemy’s attack.

These multiple launch rocket system are used to create massive and effective fires to support operating forces during combat, destroy economic and military installations and stations, and insecure naval routes in range radius.

Capability of displacement in difficult terrains, performing launching operations at night, ability of firing in single shot or salvo and reloading operations,and rapid deployment has increased its operating power.

Using automation and firing control system, high efficient electromechanical and communicative mechanisms, disuse of hydraulic mechanisms which require particular maintenance, has given more efficiency to the rocket launcher in difficult terrains.

Advanced electronic systems are able to provide a network of different launchers. Fire management plays an important role in guidance of the fire volumes to produce an effect on the launcher within specified time loading operation accompanied with firing tube’s box replacement in fastest possible time and simplicity to operate, will increase the weapon loading operation speed during combat operations.

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