Fajr Aviation and Composite Industries

FACI is established to design and develop the composite technology in Iran Aviation Industries, and is now the most important center in composite activities, which has several certifications due to Joint Aviation Regulations from International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

These industries are located in an area of 30,000square meters, consisting of design offices, manufacturing hangers, workshops and administration offices. A group of experienced engineers and technicians are involved in design, manufacturing, quality control and testing.


FACI has taken design organization approval (D.O.A) according to JAR.21 to design light aircraft. Design departments provide engineering qualification in design and testing of any composite products.

High technology including CAD.CAM techniques are employed to explore design alternatives and supply optimum production configuration.


FACI has taken production certification (P.C) according to JAR.21 for producing F.3 aircraft. FACI’s manufacturing capabilities feature: the latest technologies and techniques with established reputations in the composite industries. FACI ideal position to manufacture any type of composite products, no matter what size the production will be.

Repair of composite structures can range from easy cosmetic repairs through almost complete reconstruction of damaged vital components, and also manufacturing the composite masters, molds and fixtures are done on FACI.


Quality department of FACI with a good number of qualified engineers and quality control experts guarantee the quality of FACI products. In this field standard department of FACI with a highly qualified engineers are familiar with latest aviation regulations such as ISO, JAR and FAR.

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