(FCS - 5030) Facsimile Ciphering

The FCS-5030 facsimile ciphering system is designed to offer a very high level of security during transmission and reception of fax documents.

By connecting this unit to a fax machine documents can be transmitted in either encrypted or plain modes. This system allows for automatic detection of coded or plain mode during reception.

A high level of security is provided by using a long period key stream and very complex ciphering algorithm to prevent unauthorized access to documents during transmission or reception.

This unit offers a key variety of settings, up to sixteen of which can be stored by the user.

Each key setting is consisting of 32 digits (128 bits), which can be distributed via keypadgr keygun.

Communication security can easily be maintained by FCS-S030 due to easy installation, operation and maintenance.


High level of security

Compatible with Group 3 (G3) fax machines

Key distribution via keypad and keygun

Emergency clear function

Automatic detection of cipher / plain modes during reception

Easy communication with fax machines without encryptor in plain mode

LCD display

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