(GBR - 1000) UHF Airborne Ground Radio Communication

GBR-1000 is a UHF transceiver applicable in ATC towers, radar center and so on for ground to air communications.This radio can be used and controlled either locally or via a remote control unit.

In addition to conventional AM mode, frequency hopping and other spread spectrum techniques are used in conjunction with built in encryption ensure a high level of security for communication in military applications.

An independent guard receiver at 243 MHz allows simultaneous reception of emergency signals and main receiver channel signal .

This system works in two major operational modes: AM & ECCM, in AM mode system operates as a conventional UHF-AM radio.

In ECCM (Electronic Counter Counter Measure) mode,using a CVSD codec, built - in digital encryption, combination of spread spectrum techniques such as frequency hopping, system provides as secure communication link against jamming & interception.

In ADF mode in conjunction with ADF antenna and related indication, system is for homing purpose.


UHF AM airborne transceiver

Applicable in surveillance towers and airborne control centers

Advanced ECCM capability

Internal digital encryption

Remote control facility

Guard receiver 243 MHz

Military standards conformance

Modern software and hardware technologies

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