Geomatic Services

National Geographical Organization (NGO) was founded in 1921 and started its main activities in the filed of geomatic services .

NGO successfully has executed both national and international important projects all over the world and at the present time covers a wide variety of services as follows:

1- Producing coverage topography maps in all scales.

2- Producing urban large scale maps (1/500,1/1000,1/2000).

3- Producing Operational Navigation Chart (ONC) and Tactical Pilotage Chart (TPC) .

4- Producing digital hydrographic charts which are known as Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC) .

5- Aerial photography with large format digital camera .

6- Direct receiving of satellite imagery and image processing.

7- Producing Thematic maps.

8- Technical services related to Border area and border protocols.

According to the high level of technical capabilities and long duration of successful expertise , NGO presently , is ready to give other countries, following services which they are conformity with both national and international standards:

A- Training services in the filed of geomatic sciences and in three levels ; General, Advanced and on job Training as follows :

1- Geodesy and terrestrial surveying.

2- Photogrammetry.

3- Remote sensing.

4- Hydrography.

5- GIS.

B-Technology Transfer by carrying out of following technical services.

1- Designing and implementing digital 3D map production lines via surveying , photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in all scales, based on Geo Database.

2- Designing and implementing Aerial Digital Photography and Laser Scanning procedure with man and unman aerial vehicles and Airborne Sensors for photogrammetry purposes and other applications .

3- Establishing Fixed and mobile direct receiving Ground station of Satellite imagery and Remote Sensing applications .

4- Establishing hydrographic center for producing paper charts, Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC) and other related services like nautical parameters analysis.

5- GIS application .

6- Design and Implementation of Geospatial Database .

7- Design and Implementation of Geoportal and Web Mapping.

8- Design and Implementation new Geodetic Networks and related adjustment and analysis.

C- Presenting and Publishing Geomatic products and services as follows:

1- Topography maps.

2- Operational Navigation Chart (ONC) and Tactical Pilotage Chart (TPC).

3- Paper and Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC).

4- Aerial and Satellite images and Data.

5- Thematic maps.

6- Geographical Atlases.

7- Lithography services.

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