(HDF - 230) Hand Held Direction Finder

Hand held Direction Finder Systems are used for mobile DF applications where radio emitters are not accessible by vehicle and the operator has to dismount and continue the mission on foot.

HDF-230 is a light weight portable radio direction finder designed to detect the radio emitters by tracing radio emissions and proceeding toward the direction of the arriving signal.

By selecting the appropriate hand -held antenna wide frequency range from 20 MHZ to 3GHZ can be covered.


Small, lightweight, easy to use, suitable for rapid deployment.

Coverage of frequency range , 20 MHZ to 3 GHZ , depending on selected antenna.

Capability of displaying signal direction & strength at day or night on a pocket pc monitor.

Operation can last for a duration of seven hour or mor using a charged battery.

Hight stability receiver with phased locked loop and synthesized oscillator.

Versatile functions such as spot search, scan and priority reception.

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