Hexogen (RDX)

Hexogen (RDX)

Hexogen (RDX) is a white crystalline powder. Production process for hexogen among the manufactures in the world is different. Our process is according to Batchman method.

Phlegmatized and pressed RDX is used as a highly bristant material for the manufacture of boosters and hollow charges.

Non phlegmatized RDX in combination with TNT is also used as a parable mixture for hollow charges and bristant explosive charges, (composition B),mixture of cyclonite with aluminum powder are used as torpedo charges (hexotonal, torpex, trialent).

Sometime this material may be used as an additive in the manufacture of smokeless powders in manufacturing explosive charges which are required to have a certain mechanical strength or rubber elastic toughness, cyclonite is incorporated into curable plastic materials such as polyurethanes,polybutadiene or polysulfide and is poured into molds (plastic explosive).

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