(HRM - 330) HF Radio Monitoring

HRM-330 is designed for automatic and manual detection and analysis of Low Probability Interception (LPI) signals (Burst, hoppers), wide and narrow band, signal search and surveillance, interception, monitoring, recording and analysis of radio communications in the frequency range of 300 KHZ to 30 MHZ.

Signal processing functionally includes detection of conventional and short time signals, tuner scan functionally, interception of voice signals, demodulation & decoding for all analog and digital narrowband signals and at least two wideband signals with definite protocol.


Wide band signal interception, recording and decoding ( 0.5, 1, 5 MHZ) to a maximum of two simultaneous separate spread spectrum signals.

Simultaneous interception and record of 8 fix frequency signals in narrow band width.

Remote control operation and network based intercepting.

Capability of self test.

VOR capability.

Tactical & stationary applications.

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