Iaci - Aircraft Industries

Iran AirCraft Industries (IACI) as one of the largest industry which is affiliated to Defence Ministry of Iran was established in 1970, to overhaul and perform technical modification (T.C.T.O) in addition to the promotion of capabilities for manufacturing aircraft and power plants in its coming years. IACI is reputable for gaining valuable technical experience in the field of aviation and science technologies, which is concluded with an unique industrial position both in Iran and abroad. IACI with nearly 30 years of excellent experience in aviation industry,conducting more than fifty million work hours in overhauling of various level of civil and military flying objects.


3.5millions total sq. meters in the aircraft sector,34 thousand square meters shop area for manufacturing turbine engines and 2500 specialized personnel in power plant overhaul sectors and assembly lines.

The overhaul of more than four typs of aircraft: fighter, passenger, tanker, cargo and also conducting heavy and exclusive service bulletins.

The capability to repair, overhaul, modify, and to perform T.C.T.O of gas turbines and turbine engines according to the latest standards.

Conducting all types of repairing according to the latest technical bulletins considering the highest international standards.

Employing the most exceptional engine test cells in the middle east, being able to test jet engines with ratings up to 100,000 pounds thrust, in two separate part: shaft cell and jet cell.

Part manufacturing with making use of data process as well as modern facilities in the form of ordering in large scales.

Metal spraying with the use of modern systems (plasma, thermospray, dimonjet), modern welding, electro beam welding (E/B/M), vacuum brazing (V/B), and diffusion coating.

Excellent past records and valuable experience in repairing and modification of damaged aircraft, even in unfacilitated conditions.

Precision instrumentation, metallurigical and chemical laboratories for analyzing various structures under static and dynamic loads.

Structural strengths analysis as a metal fatigue point of view, aerodynamic fatigue and fluid mechanics.

Non-destructive test: penetrative-magnetic, focco, beam and ultrasonic.

Electronic and mechanical precision instrument calibration.

Corrosion removal and complete strip of coatings as well as plating and repainting all types of aircraft.


Fully equipped and well appointed plants for the overhaul of various aircraft and aviation industrial power plants.

Modern libraries with up-to-date software.

IACI is the only possessor of ISO 9002 certificate in aviation industries in Iran.

Sufficient technical knowledge concerning twenty million existing aviation technical documents on aircrafts and power plants.

Manufacturing of more than 20 thousand types of parts concerning modern technologies.

Running a main calibration center possessing the right to issue necessary certificates.

Optimistic usage of possessed facilities by co-operative and subsidiary industries of Ministry of Defence for accomplishing new projects.

Precision testing in an engine test collection (Unique test cell).

Providing required guarantees in appropriate packages according to the technical manuals.

Performing the after delivery services of various power plants such as: turbojet, turbofan, turboprop, turboshaft and industrial.. .etc.


ARMI a well known center in IACI is established for the purpose of carrying out repair,heavy maintenance & overhaul of aircraft such as: C130, B707, F14, F4, F27, F28. B747, AIRBUS, ILYUSHIN, ANTONOV, TOPOLOV , CESSNA, P3F, JET STAR, TURBOCOMMANDER, YAK,... are amongst aircrafts which are repaired and applying time compliance technical orders (TCTO) to military and some of the civil airplanes available in IRAN with anticipation of being able to manufacture aircraft components.

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