IFF Identification Friend Or Foe

In peacetime or during conflict, it is critical to maintain a situational awareness that distinguishes friendly forces from hostiles or unknowns. Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) is an identification system designed for command and control. It is a system that enables friendly forces to recognize friendly platforms among potential targets in the battle space. This information provides critical lead time to counter an attack or prevent fratricide between friendly and/ or coalition forces. The system was initially intended to distinguish between enemy and friend but has evolved such that the term “IFF” commonly refers to all modes of operation, including civil and foreign aircraft use.


IFF solution consists of ground interrogator, ground extractor, airborne transponder, airborne interrogator and antennas. The ground interrogator transmits interrogation pulses to the airborne transponder which is installed in an aircraft or a helicopter. The transponder transmits reply pulses to the ground interrogator and extractor to be analyzed in order to determine and display the target identification. The airborne transponder is utilized as Air Traffic Control transponder (mode A and C) in civilian aircrafts or helicopters. Airborne interrogator challenges airborne targets and process target response to determine whether the target is a friend, foe or unknown. The whole system is fully compatible with STANG-4193 Standards.

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