Infantry Mobile Unit

Capability of repairing all types of light weapons including: KL rifle, Pistol (alarming, Browning Breta) all types of RPG, Girenov machine gun, Deraganov rifle,12.7 mm MG. Increasing the mobility and operational speed of supporting units. Reducing the repair costs.


Type of vehicle: Mini - Truck

Permissible load: Maximum 6000 kg

Room dimensions: 4800 x 2200 x 2000mm

Type of walls: panel sandwich insulated against coldness, heat and dust. (With the thickness of 70mm)

Equipped with all types of: Instruments and equipment for the repair of light weapons.

Equipment and public tools.

250A welding transformator.

Acetylene welding equipment.

Heating and cooling system.

Ventilating fan of system.

Washing up and water tank one hundred litre.

Special wardrobe tool and equipment.

Electrical generator.

Compressed air compressor 80 litre.

Cumulative stairway.

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