IRAN - 140 Aircraft

The regional 52-seat IRAN-140 (AN-140) high wing aircraft is one of the latest aviation technology products at the present time.

Low operating cost, low fuel consumption, with the fatigue life of 50,000 flights of 1 hour, 25 years calendar life, are some features of this multipurpose aircraft.

This aircraft is equipped with 2 turboprop engines at 2500 horse power each.

Taking advantage of the latest utility technology, it is designed according to FAR-25, JAR-25 and AP-25 which have made this aircraft a suitable one for domestic and international carriers.

Luxury VIP aircraft, spacious interior and baggage compartment, full IFR operating, internal and external low noise level, independence from ground equipments, capable of landing in airports with the least landing facilities.

However, the aircraft initially was intended for passenger, but could be designed for cargo, releasing parachutes or military items, radar patrol and guidance.

Iran Aviation Industries also manufacture engine TV3-117VMASBM1 as IRAN-140 power plant with following specifications. This engine is capable to be used as an industrial power plant.


High payload cargo transport

Comfortable 52-seat regional airliner

High endurance flying sensor platform

Spacious VIP aircraft

Versatile military workhorse

2100 km range with full pax and reserves

Operation out of unprepared airfields possible

Among the highest speed in pressurized class

Superior filed performance

Excellent maneuverability

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