Mesbah - Air Defence System

The main mission of this 23 mm air defensive gun is for the protection of strategic, political, economical centers and military fortifications against threats such as; cruise missiles, helicopters, unmanned aircrafts, and air to surface missiles at short ranges and low altitudes.

This low altitude air defensive system includes 8 sets of mechanized twin - barrel 23 mm guns , one set of optical passive fire control , a power supply for making thrust and one set of 3D search-radar system.

This radar system is able to identify air targets up to a distance of 20 km, 20 targets at one time and choose the most dangerous one and directing the data to fire control system.

Fire control of this defensive system at first step tracks down targets at the distance of 10 km then by collecting the entire data about its distance and surrounding conditions, will calculate the coordination of that target and become ready to fire once the target is placed at a distance of 1500 to 2500 meters.

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