MNG - 87 Monocular Night Vision Goggle

MNG-87 night vision goggle is a battle-proven technology designed for the most demanding night time applications and rigors of combat.

It is used in any special operations by elite armed forces and enables the user to perform a variety of tasks at night such as walking, driving weapon firing, patrol, map reading and administering medical aid.

It can be used on soldiers’ head helmet. MNG-87 is designed in a variety of ground based night operations.


Light weight.

Ergonomic design.

Rugged construction.

Easy operation and maintenance.

18mm super generation image intensifier tube to offer crystal dear super bright viewing in visible and near infrared.

Capability of continuous passive operation over a 15-hour period without the need for battery replacement.

Modular construction.


It can be used as hand held, head helmet mounted and weapon mounted operation.

Nocturnal observation, target location, perimeter surveillance and reconnaissance for tank commanders, forward area observers, boarder patrols/customs and special forces.

Command and control.

Rapid night time artillery fire control.

Terrain navigation.

Selection of fighting positions.

Search and rescue.

Law enforcement and drug trafficking control.

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