Mobile Kitchen System

The mobile kitchen system can be used to prepare food for upto 600 people .This kitchen has the capability of storing food which includes below zero refrigeration facility with a capacity of 200 kilograms meat, chicken, fish, butter, etc.

It is also equipped with a pantry with the capacity of storing 2.5 tons of dry foods such as rice, grains and canned food.

This kitchen is equipped with a jumbo streak with a jumbo streak with the capacity of 24 tons, 13.5 meters length and 2.6 meters wide. The distance of the floor from the ground is 130 cm and is equipped with two German 12 ton axes. Two double plied tanks with a fuel capacity of 1500 liters and a water storage tank with the capacity of 2000 liters and an 11 kilogram liquid gas capsule box with the capacity of 12 capsules are installed underneath the floors. In addition a sewage system has been integrated on the floor of the trailer .

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