NBC Protective Suit

The NBC protective suit provides whole body full protection against chemical,biological and nuclear dusts affecting the skin in the form of vapor, gas and aerosol,the suit is permeable and allows body heat and perspiration vapor transmitted out of garment while prevents the entrance of toxic agents by enhanced filter.

The NBC protective suit consists of two main layers.

The outer shell is oil and water repellant durable poly/cotton or PA/cotton blend fabric.

The filter layer is activated carbon impregnated PU foam or activated carbon fabric.



• Comfort
• Easy movement
• Machine washable
• Flame retardant (optional)
• Anti IR camouflage (optional)
• Different sizes including S,M,L,XL & XXL
• Up to 10 years guarantee in vacuum packed
• According to Iranian Defense Standard IDS 034
• Different model including 2-pieces jacket-trousers
  suit with/without open closure zipper & coverall
• Different colors & camouflage patterns

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