(NED - 123x) Firewall

NED-123x firewall is a plug and play device and a really transparent (wire level) frame inspector for small and medium level enterprises.

Its installation is as easy as an ordinary Ethernet switch. After installation, all IP packets with wrong checksums will be dropped. All TCP connections will be checked.

From the checksum to the state transition and sequence numbers of TCP sessions.

If configured, the logs about all fetched URLs, Email senders/recipients, FTP users and commands, besides hundreds of statistical information will be sent to the log collector system.

Logs of NED-123x are sent by a special purpose protocol which will not be saturated by SPAM and/or junk Sync floods.

NED-123x is a 4-ports, layers 2-7 switch with many advanced features including.


Serial port console with full setup capabilities.

Traffic shaping features.

Full layer three, packet filtering with automatic IP checksum control.

Tight TCP stateful inspection.

Application layer protocol monitoring and violation control for Telnet, SMTP, FTP, and HTTP (e.g: invalid HTTP requests cause TCP connection termination).

URL filtering.

Regular expression matching with space for 100 regular expressions to match wit HTTP requests.

SMTP session filtering based on entries defined in databases of username, domain name, user@domain.

LAN user authentication.

Java GUI based setup program for Windows.

Ultra fast log protocol.

NAT/PAT support.

IP/MAC database as source and/or destination in rules.

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