(NED - 2223) Virtual Private Lan

NED-2223 is a network security product which uses encryption and tunneling mechanisms in data link layer to authenticate the computers or devices in the network and protect their communications.

NED-2223 can be used to establish secure connections between communication parties in the network.

So it makes possible to create a Virtual Secure LAN over the existing physical network. Each computer in the network can be either a member of the physical (insecure) LAN or the virtual secure LAN.

NED-2223 is presented in two form factors: Host and bridge. NED-2223 in host mode is installed as special software on computers in the network to provide secure connection with other NED-2223 systems.

NED-2223 in bridge mode on the other hand is used as a hardware appliance to secure the connection between the subnet under protection with other NED-2223 agents in the network


Authentication of computers or devices in the network

Confidentiality and integrity of the exchanging information

Replay attack protection

Limited traffic flow confidentiality

Second layer Virtual Private Network

Securing communications between computers and/or devices in the network

Iran native algorithm (or any ordered by customer)

Mutual and two factors authentication based on DES-1551 hardware security module

Secure automatic key management based on key file method

Strong protection of software and its sensitive information using DES-1551

Plug & Play installation and totally transparent from network applications

Invisible and undetectable by the end users (Bridge mode)

User friendly, simple to configure and use

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