(PRC - 58) VHF Transceiver

The PRC-58 portable radio is designed for establishing communication between infantry and armored units, and is a suitable substitution for the PRC-77.

Besides compact size and lightweight, the facilities are improved to hold interoperability.Smaller and lighter than it’s predecessors, it covers the 30-88MHz frequency range with synthesizer controller channels at 12.5KHz spacing.

This provides compatibility either majority of FM VHF transceivers currently in service world wide.The range of this radio depends on variety of factors like output power, antenna length, minimum level of received signal, environmental limitation, noise, etc. Considering this factor, range of the system is 5 Km.

The PRC-58 provides programmed pre-selection of 100 channels.

Output power can be controlled by the keyboard, also SMS, selective call and internal / external ciphering unit are some other features of the system.

By adding a 5 watt booster for amplifying output power from 100mW up to 5 watt and a 12V power supply, the handheld transceiver will be changed into manpack transceiver with the same capabilities but 5 watt power output.

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