Raad2 and Raad2m Self Propelled Gun - Howitzer

RAAD 2 & RAAD 2M 155mm self-propelled gunhowitzer are armored tracked vehicle designed and manufactured by M.o.D of Iran.

The engine is located in front of the vehicles. There are 5 crews including commander, gunner, driver, and two ammunition loaders.

The hull and the turret are made of all welded special alloy steel and provide enough space for the crew to operate freely.

RAAD-2 & RAAD 2M are equipped with automatic laying system, direct fire telescope, night vision device, NBC system, automatic and manual fire extinguishing equipment, radio communication, digital communication, gunner’s control panel and display, commander’s control panel and display, GPS system, and air conditioner system.

The engine is multi-fuel with high power to weight ratio.


Stability during firing

Various shooting angles

Quick and independent firing

Automatic fire control system

High mobility

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