Recovery Tank

This tank is an armored assisting tank, being designed and manufactured for the recovery and rescue of armored vehicles and heavy military equipment in the battle field.

The recovery tank is equipped with a powerful 30-ton winch, which, using its bobbins, has the capability of elevating loads with the approximate weight of 90 tons.

By means of this winch the tank is capable of pulling out all heavy vehicles, getting stuck in the muddy terrains or being fallen in ditches.

A telescopic crane with the loading capacity of 19 tons, and the mast turning capability of 360˚, has been mounted on the tank to be applied for loading, repairing and recovering of tanks and military vehicles.

The aforementioned crane simply lifts the engine and turret of T72 tank, and transports them to the desired destination. At the front part of the unit, an excavator blade has been mounted for digging trenches and leveling uneven terrains.

When applying the winch and the crane, this blade will be applicable as the stabilizer arm of the unit.

Other equipment being mounted on the tank are as follows:

Auxiliary winch, welding and cutting equipment. Load carrying package along with a position assigned for mounting and reliable carrying of this tank engine.

This tank carries 2 crews. For the easy and rapid application of the winch and crane, a cable, portable, controlling panel (with the cable length of 15 meters) has been mounted on the tank.

Due to the necessity of the presence of this recovery tank in the war operations in which T72 tank is applied, its maneuverability should be as that of T72 tank, so it should be carried with a cart having the same capabilities as the cart which carries T72 tanks.

In addition, the recovery unit should be equipped with the same equipment mounted on T72 tanks, including the NBC system and night vision device

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