Rockets & Missiles Command Cabin

Command cabin vehicle is a mobile system responsible to manage fire control of the Fajr 3 and Fajr 5 launchers equipped with automation system. Giving a precise definition of the mission of every launcher plays an appropriate role for weapon efficiency.

The most important responsibility of field management is to determine the required mass fire, relative to the type of targets and scheduled fires between different launchers. Here the key point harmonizing with available weapons in battlefield. The command cabin must obtain geographic coordinate of targets (geographical longitude and latitude and height of sea level) and sends them to the related launcher in any possible manner.

It also sends meteorology information (such as wind direction, wind speed, temperature and humidity) to the launchers to modify firing table. By having the target coordinates with meteorology information and geographical longitude and Latitude related to the launcher position, the launcher enables accurate aim on the target.

The command cabin has been made of fiber glass materials. It has standardized thermal and acoustical isolation.


Industrial computer with L.C.D monitor, with touch screen capability

Meteorology box, having static weather sensor


Disel generator

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