Saeghe 2 - Aerial Target System

SAEGHE 2 is a medium to high performance remotely controlled missile target designed for surface-toair armament systems training and evaluation. The UAV airframe is constructed mainly of composites.

This system can be equipped with three IR flares, and a radar corner reflector to enhance IR radiation and radar image (RCS).


Full microprocessor-based autopilot control, programmable with or without control. Two alternative ground control systems: in-sight flight unit for visual control without telemetry data, and GPS - based programmable navigation system which allows target to be controled, tracked and viewed on monitor during both in sight and outof- sight missions.


The ground control station (GCS) provides all of the functionality necessary for mission planning and in flight monitoring of the UAV. The GCS is designed as a mobile or portable.

POWER PLANT: One 25 hp Two-cylinder, twostroke engine, two-blade propeller.

Launch: by booster rocket from a short-length ramp

Recovery: parachute recovery system, belly skid landing on land (Emergency)

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