Sar 20 and 20 - 2 Search and Rescue Vessels

The vessels are designed and manufactured for Search and Rescue operations. They have a Mono Hull series with high manoeuvre and navigation performance.

The hull is made of marine aluminium grade 5083 and it has strong structure and high resistance against the corrosion.

One of the special characteristics of these vessels are Self Righting and the propulsion systems. Maximum speed of both vessels are 35 knots.

The vessels are designed according to the rules of the GL institution of Germany. They are equipped with central ventilation system, fuel tanks with a capacity of 3600 liters, fresh water 700 liters, internal and external fire fighting system advanced communication system, navigation equipment, and health and welfare facilities.

Cruise speed of vessels are 20 knots in calm sea and 45oC weather temperature, 35oC sea temperature and relative humidity of 95% during 24 hours a day.

Considering the special duty of this vessel, a hook with a pulling capacity of 4 tons and crane with a capacity of 1.2 ton are designed and installed on the vessel.

These vessels also have the capability to install weapons and carry troops.

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