(SDF - 230) Wideband Direction Finder

SDF-230 with its extremely high scan speed is the latest generation of scanning direction finders. It can find the direction of frequency/time hopping, burst and fixed frequency signals.

Having a wide frequency range from 20 MHz to 3000 MHz. The system uses Correlation/interferometer method ,15 direction finding algorithm.

Antenna system is designed for application in stationary or semi-mobile VHF/UHF DF systems.

Using of large DF antennas with nine elements. the system can reach highly accurate bearings.

In this system four DF modes are available: scan mode (fast DF scanning), fixed frequency mode (HM), search mode and wideband mode (WFFM).


Enhanced DF accuracy and sensitivity by using wide aperture DF antenna.

Extremely high frequency resolution.

Remot control via virtually any data link.

GPS support.

Direction finding of narrow band digital-analog signals with QAM, ASK, FSK, AM, FM, CW, PULSE, SSB, and IQ modulations.

Direction finding of 2 wideband signals with 2000 H/S in the 20 MHZ band width simultaneously.

Networking capability for Position finding.

Self test capability.

Tactical & stationary application.

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