Secure Computer (PES - 3121)

Today, data is the main asset of every organization and company.

Therefore protecting data and guaranteeing its security and safety is essential and vital for companies.

In today’s competitive markets, data security is highly being endangered by rival companies to be stolen, cheated or destroyed through developed techniques.

For this reason, Secure computer PES 3121 is designed to bring security and safety for data while supervising users to confront any threats.

Secure computer PES 3121 owns facilities based on which the level of security and safety increased for counteracting various threats.


User’s Authentication before start-up based on E-cart and password

Hardware Protected through diagnostic sensors

Network Ciphering System to protect links and data exchanged

Encryption and Decryption files and folders

Wiped files and folders

Creating secure virtual partitions on system

Encryption and Decryption CD/DVD (IDE) writer

Managing level of users’ access by E-cart

Custom algorithm supported

Desktop or Rack Mount Case

Special software for secure Control of Operating System

Electromagnetic radiations controlled

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