Secure Notebook (PES - 7631)

Today, data is the main asset for organization and company.

Noting that using portable computers or notebooks are becoming more popular everyday and security threats are also increasing accordingly because of many threats , protecting data and guaranteeing its security is essential for every company.

Secure notebook PES 7631 eliminates some I/O ports like Blue tooth, WLan, GPS, 3G which eavesdropping would be possible through their ports.

This system is providing confidentiality and authentication through a comprehensive method based on which ciphering files, virtual drives and VPN client are being applied with hardware lock.


Supplying confidentiality and Authentication in Notebook

Compatible with Windows 2000 - 2003 - XP - Vista

Removing some I/O ports for prevent sniffing (Bluetooth, Wlan, Modem, GPS, 3G)

Supporting Mcafee anti virus

Utilizing RS232 serial port

Secure login to operating system

Military standard support (MILSTD - 810F, MIL-STD 466, MIL- STD 266)

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