Semi Long VHF Air Surveillance Radar

Mobile Solid State Digital VHF Band is a medium range radar designed to detect air targets within the radar’s coverage, determine their range, azimuth, range rate and height and transmitting radar information to air defence infomation network.

SL-ASR-l is a new generation radar which combines advanced radar developments, modern digital technologies and hardware with constructive technological solutions.

The radar can operate in self-contained mode and as a component to automation C3l system as well.

SL-ASR-l is a highly mobile, fully solid state and medium altitude surveillance radar developed based on the operation demands by radar forces. This radar is vehicle carried; uses full coherent pulse compression and MTD detection techniques.

The radar is characterized by good performances such as high mobility, high automation,... etc.


Early detection of air targets and determination of their coordinates including range, azimuth , radial velocity and height.

Capability of IFF system conjunction as secondary radar.

ECCM capabilities against wide variety of jamming and interference

Target tracking using TWS technique.

Detection of targets with small RCS & low altitude.

Supplying peripheral radars with target extracted data.

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