Short Range Ground Surveillance Radar

GSR - 110 S is an advanced new generation of short range tactical radar which is portable and can be easily carried by soldiers. A light weight of less than 25kg, solid state & low power have made it one of the most effective and efficient battlefield surveillance radars available in the military market.

It is also capable of fulfilling tactical surveillance mission efficiency as fixed - site surveillance radar.

GSR - 110 S is used for detection, localization, recognition and tracking of any moving target on the ground such as pedestrian, vehicle or low flying helicopter during day or at night under decayed climatic conditions such as fog, smoke, snow and etc.


Exellent ECCM capability.

Low probability of intercept (LPI).

Pulse duppler filter processing.

Hight mobility and fast set-up.

Modularized design.

CFAR processing.

Audible detection alarm.

Solid state transmitter.

Micro strip array antenna.

Manual & automatic target detection & tracking.

Digital wave form generation and pulse compression.

Rugged computer as a radar terminal.

Full function remot control (FFRC).

Automatic sectorial surveillance with sector axis and width selectable.

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