Single Base Propellant

Single base propellant mainly consist of Nitrocellulose & Stabilizers as well as other additives.

solvent can be produced with different Geo Material shape such as (needles, cylindrical and single, seven perforated and tubular).

These types of propellant can be manufactured with NC and mixture of Ether and Alcohol, which converts into Gelatinized paste.

In addition , NC powder passes little other material as additive such as Diphenylamine as stabilizer.

D.N.T & D.B.P act as plasticizer, salt of Potassium Sulfate act as flame reducer and camphor, Centeralite act retarding the combustion rate.

For some types of Single Base propellant same as Hunting powder, Potassium Nitrate also is added. Due to dissolving in water , the powder becomes poroused.

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