Special Repair Mobile Unit

Repair of electrical and mechanical equipment , small aerial vehicles and class four vehicles equipments. Repair of weapons and military equipments. The capability of making communications through HF, VHF UHF and Airband. The capability of presenting self – sufficient, basis meteorological information. The capability to help people suffered by flood, earthquake and fire, air, automobile accident and .... The capability of demolishing concrete, consolidated walls, metal and wooden walls and bodies. Receiving and sending images through GPS,GPRS and internet.


Rear towing system for carrying caravan.

Rimouk (and its relevant accessories).

Electrical, mechanical and electronical and weapon repair equipment.

Fire proof clothing and equipment

System of detecting drowned live people up to the depth of six metre.

Pneumatic jacks with measurement ton till 24 ton.

Two way electric and gasoline water pumps.

Generator 5Kw starter electric generator for supplying electricity under emergency conditions.

Shock and water proof military computer applicable below 10ºC temperature (amid with bluetooth printer).

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