Sts2 - FireaRM Shooting Similator

Firearm shooting simulator designed and produced for different types of rifles.

By STS-2 personnel start to use and get familiar with different firearms like AK-47, Dragnouv and Pistol and increase their skills on speed, aiming and accuracy. On the other hand, instructors can exam shooters by different training and find out best shooters.

STS-2 has designed and made for train five shooters of firearms simultaneously. STS-2 software has based on target range and Battlefield simulation.


3D fix and mobile target simulation

Definable shooter and weapon

Changeable target shapes

Movement ability for targets in each scenario

Friend and foe target definition

Ballistic based bullet movement (real shooting conditions like wind, …)

Printable result report

Graphical hit points display

Hand movement diagram report

Definable hostage target

Negative score for shooting friend target

Trainable five person simultaneously


Definable different 3D scenario by instructor

Ability to use predefined scenarios

Shoot back simulation

Definable fire line with shooters and their weapon up to five person

Realistic 3D models: Soldier, Tank, Plane, Chopper ….

Definable scenario run time (Day/Night)

Definable different terrain (City, Jungle, Desert, ….)

Definable weather condition (rain, snow, ….)

Shooters enrollments

Mobile fire line

Report workbook and scores

Display target distance to fire line

Train five person simultaneously

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