Supply and Crew Boat


The vessel constructed as a medium speed,sea kindly, crew and cargo boat for operation in ambient air temperature of max 50oC and 95% RH and seawater max temperature of 32oC.

The vessel is operatable at a sea state of 5.The bridge is designed to allow all round vision.Entry to the passenger decks is via rear doors, Aft control shation is located on the top deck aft of the main bridge station within the air conditioned bridge area.A suitable counter equipped with refrigerator for serving snacks which is arranged in the passenger area.

This ship can be used as supporter boat on the islands for transporting of troops,equipment, machinery and also installation of heavy and light weapons and rocket launcher.


This vessel is a twin supply crew boat and is designed for harbour coastal an unrestricted tropical service operating.The vessel is designed to carry 90 passengers,65 tons of fuel and oil cargo, 50 tons fresh water cargo, 8m3 deep freeze cargo , 8m3 refrigerated cargo, 12m3 provisional store cargo and be able to carry 50 tons equally spreaded cargo or 30 tons truck on aft deck.

This vessel is designed to withstand the sea state of 6.Range of operation on continuous cruising speed is 1000 nautical miles.The hull and superstructure of the vessel are all welded construction. The hull is made of marine steel, grade “A” shipbuilding certificate. The superstructure is made of aluminium alloy, grade “AG4MC”.

The ship can be equipped with rocket launcher or used for transporting 90 soldiers,food,drinking water or fuel.

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