(TM - ASR - 1) Tactical Microwave Air Surveillance Radar

TM-ASR-1 radar is an magnetron pulse surveillance radar with maximum power of 800kw. Since this radar is able to detect the targets with maximum range of up to 150 km, it is used as primary warning radar.

This radar is also used to detect the flying targets and is able to measure the distance and angle (R,O) of the target and display the “X” and “Y” coordinates of the target on the monitor.


2D medium range air surveillance radar.

Detection of low “RCS” targets such as PRV, Cruise missiles,...

Deliver the target information to command & control center.

Searching at 360º and review speed of 3,6,12 RPM.

Displaying the clutter map and amplifying the critical areas.

Mobility , fast set-up and break-down. (maximum time for setup is about 30 minuts)

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